Stowarzyszenie AMAZONKI : Warszawa 02-781, ul. Roentgena 5
Nr. Konta: PKO BP V/O. W -wa 83102010550000940200166280

Our internal goal are


  • Help women during treatment in hospitals in their life from the point they face the cancer diagnosis: how to cope with this situation, how to fight the disease, how to live after the treatment.
  • Give support in comming back to normal life
  • Helping women find friends that faced similar hardships during the Amazon Club meetings.


 Our activities includes:

  • Psychological help during the period of treatment in hospitals.

Our volunteers “Ochotniczki” are women from the club who had defeated breast cancer. They receive psychological training to serve as support for women in the most difficult and challenging moment, short after hearing the diagnosis.

They provide psychological support and advice. Based on their own example they show the importance of hope and positive attitude. Our club consists of roughly around 130 Amazons, 40 of which are volunteers.


  • Help phone and mail line

We run phone and mail line for everybody, who faces breast cancer.


  • Consultation hours

We provide consultation service. Everyone can come, share their problems and find advice and support.


  • Help in recovery and rehabilitation 

We offer rehabilitation courses for women who defeated breast cancer – weekly training in rehabilitation center in Oncology Hospital and yearly rehabilitation courses with additional offer of psychological support, etc.


  • Promote healthy life style for Amazones

We organize sporting events both on local level, available only to Amazones and open ones available to everyone who wishes to participate. Our main goal is to promote physical activity as a part of a healthy lifestyle.


  • Social life, frequent members meeting

We organize meetings to celebrate the birthdays of our members and meet for Christmas celebrations. We also organize a yearly pilgrimage to Częstochowa for women who defeated breast cancer. Initially it was a local event, but now people from around the world come to participate. We believe that such meetings play a big role in our life: they give us support, feeling of belonging, positive attitude to life, opportunity to support each other and provide a good example.


  • Additional treatment

As access to free medical services (also for those that have medical insurence) is very limited and often involves long periods of waiting for medical facilities to become available we organize fund raising and thus finance additional medical examinanions for women – USG, cytology etc.


  • Amazonka Magazine

Twice a year we release our own magazine - Amazonka, which serves as a source of knowledge about treatment and lifestyle after mastectomy. The magazines can also be accessed through our website.

• Website: www.

Our magazine includes many articles about various aspects of life of Amazones, their memories from the time of recovery, letters from women who fought breast cancer and articles written by medical professionals, containing useful information.


  • “Poradnia Amazonki” - professional councelling center for patients and their families.

Our councelling center provides professional advice for those that need it. Those that seek councel can visit us personally, contact us via telephone or e-mail. Apart from our volunteers, everyone who contacts us can seek advice from a medical professional, a nurse, a rehabilitation specialist, a psychologists and other experts.


Our external goals are:

  • Changing the perception of breast cancer – making women realize it is not a mortal disease but a chronic disease, which can be healed. Women who receive treatment can live good, full lives afterwards. This new perception can help us in our lives, help us to maintain family relations and return to professional activity after defeating breast cancer.

Our activities includes:

  • Avon Walk organized since 1998

This street activity organized yearly since 1998 provides us with an opportunity to promote self-examination and regular USG examinations among women.

We also strive to show with our example, that women after breast cancer can have normal lives and be active.

  • A contest for media

We organized contests for the best information program or article about breast cancer for radio, TV and magazine journalists. The goal was to promote the modern perception of breast cancer, changing its perception and giving women hope for normal, full lives after treatment. The jury consisted, among others, of medical professionals, a psychologist and an ethics specialist.

  • We built a new pavillon ofrehabilitation center in Warsaw at the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute.

. Its name is Education and Theraphy Center.

·         ”Your first USG” – an action for young women.
The main sponsor was the cosmetics company Avon. It was a big action for women in aged 25 to 45 aimed at promoting performing USG tests. We offer 20 000 tests allover Poland. As the access to USG for young women and cancer awareness among them are very limited, only a wildespread action in media can encourage women to have their first USG. We continued this action the following years

 We strived to involve press media to receive press patronage – we managed to reach many women magazines and convince them to publish articles about breast cancer risk and prevention and promote first USG among young women.


  • Breast friends

 an action increasing the knowledge of patients and their families about the various types of breast cancer, public awareness of the important role of a loved one, a supportive person during treatment and recovery


  • Menvs.breast cancer– Adam

increasing awareness among men how great a role they can play in the prevention of breast cancer

·         “Pink ribbon”

An action for secondary school aimed at increasing breast cancer awareness and prevention among young girls. We also wanted to gain access to mothers through their daughters.

·         Our action about self- examination

We promote self- examination as the cheapest and most accessible way of monthly control and early diagnosis in cooperation with press.  In acknowledgement for our involvement and commitment in prevention, early detection and breast cancer education of our society we received the “Złoty Otis” award for the best non-governor association in 2005


  • „Your Library” project

 a project in which we build a free library, availablefor patients and employees of the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute


  • We represent women who defeated breast cancer in consultations with National Sick Found and Ministry of Health to secure funds for prevention, detection and proper treatment of breast cancer.